Dee Marksberry founded Gage-Martin in 2003 in order to convey her unique appreciation of luxury and aesthetics. Her approach is to go beyond decorating to focus on the entire lifestyle, thus making the home a sanctuary.

At Gage-Martin, we design each job as our first. Inspiration is pulled from every corner of our interest: the lines of an Ian Schrager building, fabrics in a YSL catalogue, the styling of an Aston Martin interior. Anything beautiful and powerful informs our design. This is why there is no trademarked Gage-Martin look.  From contemporary to traditional to island, we understand the beauty and merit of every style so we can create a job that honestly reflects the client and not the design firm.

In addition to aesthetics, Gage-Martin understands luxury itself-- what defines it and gives it value. While necessities make life livable, luxuries make it enjoyable.  Whether expressed in skilled craftsmanship, studied artistry, enduring design, etc. the ability of luxury to enrich our everyday lives makes it relevant in an economy.  Because the concept of luxury is different to everyone, at Gage-Martin we strive to create an environment of luxury uniquely tailored to each client.




The principal designer of this luxury design firm in Tampa, Florida, Dee Marksberry, excels in the business of transforming clients needs and desires into a cohesive and luxurious living environment. She sets herself as a prime example of excellent design to enhance ones life experience, thus raising the bar for her clients and educating them with knowledge to create a fulfilling lifestyle.




Jen loves and thrives under the fast paced and high energy environment that Gage-Martin Interiors offers. From conceptual designs to site visits, she works constantly with a high level of detail to deliver an excellent quality of work. Jen was raised in Tampa, Florida with an ambition and  thirst for culture and traveling. She holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of South Florida.




After moving from the Pacific Northwest, Natasha began working for Gage-Martin in 2015. She brings her experience in 3D modeling and spatial planning with a Bachelor's of Architecture from the University of Oregon.




Finding the perfect home is difficult. We can help you make your home look and feel the way you want from start to finish.


We are very aesthetically oriented people with spatial planning experience. All of our designs revolve around your style.


No project is too big or small. Let us transform your space by integrating new and stylish materials with some of your favorite pieces.

Gage-Martin Interiors
15417 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL 33613 | p: 813.961.9551

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